How to transform your leadership with one neglected action

The power of reading in a leader's life

How to transform your leadership

Leaders are readers. This is a very popular statement in many circles and with some audiences; and to be clear, I believe it’s true. But… Not all readers are leaders. Even among those who hold a position of leadership in some organization, in many cases, the leader reads simply to say they have read. I have […]

How to lead others in a way that helps their hurts and makes their life better

Part 3 in a blog series about leading with kindness

Leading with empathy

Connect to others through empathy. People just want to be understood When is the last time you experienced hurt or pain? Was it during the midst of a struggle emotionally? Did you have all of the answers? Probably not. Most likely, you wished that someone was able to see deep inside of your heart and […]

How to lead people further faster with an often neglected quality

Part 2 in a blog series about leading with kindness

Lead with compassion

Compassion is simple to understand. Take a moment and think back into your past. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been through some difficult situations and challenging circumstances; things that have put your endurance, faith, and resolve to the test. More than likely you didn’t know what to do, or where to turn at […]

Why your influence is lagging and how to increase it by 4x

Part 1 in a blog series about leading with kindness

the power of kindness No. 1

Kindness is powerful. When is the last time someone was kind to you? I don’t mean just saying, “hello”, or giving a smile in passing. When is the last time someone was truly kind to you on purpose? This is an important question, one that deserves a real answer. Why? Because kindness is powerful. It […]

The 8 Voices Every Leader Hears

Why The Input You Receive And Listen To Is So Important


Click Here to get the PDF version of this blog post! Listen to the right voice and you’ll make the right choice. This seems simple enough; but it’s not. Sometimes it can be really hard to discern the right voices in your life to listen to. When you are a leader trying to influence others for […]